The New MEI Studio

Est. 1998

Welcome to Metallurgy Entertainment Inc. & MEI Studio. We've been in business for almost 25 years and still going strong. Our studios are known for our esoteric outboard gear, extensive mic collection, and commitment to producing outstanding recordings for all of our clients.

Over the years, we have offered our services to both the public as well as industry professionals. Currently, the studio is only accepting bookings by labels, management companies and personal invitiation by our engineering staff. However, our engineers ARE accepting remote mix, mastering, re-amp and re-piano work as unattended sessions.

Public sessions may be opening up by Q4 of 2023. If you're interested in getting on the wait list, please contact us with details of the project.

Our hours of operation are by appointment only.


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Anthony Paganini
Anthony Paganini

Anthony is the founder of Metallurgy Entertainment Inc. and MEI Studio. He first set foot into a studio at the age of 16 and has been honing his engineering skills ever since. Originally a bassist, Anthony still gets calls for sessions, tours and club dates. In addition to running most of the sessions, he is also the resident electronics guru and hand builds most of the equipment that the studio uses. Anthony is available for tracking and mix sessions as well as commercial voice overs and graphic design.

David Klang
David Klang

David started his career at MEI as an intern while earning his degree in Music Technology. After some time as an intern, he began engineering sessions with clients.
Since completing his degree, he’s continued recording at MEI Studio. Outside of MEI, David also works live sound with various companies based on Long Island and he plays bass in his original band, Hilltop.
In addition, David has expanded his skill set to include video recording and editing and works with clients to produce on line content.

Mikhail Pivovarov
Mikhail Pivovarov

For years Mikhail has worked as an engineer and producer at Carriage House Studios, where he has contributed his talents to several Grammy winning and nominated projects. Mikhail has worked with noted artists including Diana Ross, Johnny Winter, Dave Brubeck, John Scofield, Warren Haynes (of Government Mule and The Allman Brothers), Beach House and many more. Since 2016 Mikhail divides his time between his studio, Black Rock Sound, and Carriage House. He is available for tracking sessions as well as on-site or remote mix and mastering sessions.

John Arnold
John Arnold

John Arnold is a Harlem raised, savy, veteran music producer and Live Sound Engineer with a keen ear for innovative sound. He has worked with the likes of Club Music icon Crystal Waters to Hip Hop Rap moguls Cam'ron, Ma$e and Jim Jones, as well as many independent artists and musicians.

Daniel Lamagna
Daniel Lamagna

Danny Lamagna is a Drum Workshop, Vater Percussion, Sabian Cymbal & Axis Percussion artist best known for his work with the bands Suicide City, Silent Fate, Sworn Enemy, Biohazard, Agnostic Front and guitarist Rob Balducci. The heart and soul of any song is the rhythm section and without a good drum track, there's no good song. Danny is available as a session drummer as well as a consultant for drums/percussion/mallet instruments.

Dave Pellegrino
Dave Pellegrino

Dave is the epitome of "PRO BASSIST". He has studied with some of the best of all time including Homer Mensch, Milt Hinton, Lenny Tristano, Stanley Clarke, Charles Banacos and the one and only Jaco Pastorius. Dave has shared the stage with such greats as Roger Byam (Marcus Miller), Lee Musiker (Buddy Rich, Tony Bennet), Godfrey Townsend (Jack Bruce, John Entwistle), Bernard Davis (Steve Winwood), Rudy Bird (Miles Davis) and many more. When not teaching, gigging or gracing an on or off Broadway pit orchestra with his presence, Dave is available for recording sessions in every imaginable genre.

Omar Allen
Omar Allen

Omar is a talented producer, song writer and lyricist. He started touring and making music professionally at the age of thirteen. Over the course of his career he has worked with many artists such as: Frequency, King Beatdown, Dennis (D Gatez) McCalla, Kaydencevisus, G Mac, Malvone, Reid Butcher, Gabriel Granados, Lady C, Ty (Turtle) Shepard, Elliot Clifton and Keith Craig Allen. Omar is available for on-site as well as remote session work.

Gear List


  • Avid HDIO 16 Analog
  • Digidesign 192 8x16x8
  • Digidesign 192 16x8x8
  • Apogee Rosetta 200
  • Apogee Mini DAC
  • Apogee Big Ben
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo


  • 8 Channel Neve 1290
  • 8 Channel API 312
  • 8 Channel Avid Pre
  • 2 Channel Neve 1073
  • UA LA-610
  • 2 Channel AEA RPQ
  • 2 Channel Hairball LOLA
  • 2 Channel APP MA-1 Germanium
  • Joe Meek VC-1


  • 1176 Rev A Blue Stipe
  • 1176 Rev D LN
  • LA-2A (2)
  • Serpent SA-3A (LA-3A Clone Mods) (2)
  • Serpent SB4000 Bus Compressor
  • Serpent SB4001 Bus Compressor
  • CLX (dBx 160 Clone) (2)
  • PWM (Pye) (2)
  • dBx 163X/163A
  • dBx 560A
  • SPL Transient Designer TDX
  • Alesis 3630 (2)


  • SW Harrison Filters (8)
  • UREI 535 Dual 10 Band GEQ
  • UREI 530 Dual 9 Band GEQ
  • Quad Eight Parametric (console rack)(2)
  • Pultec EQP1-A
  • LaFont Cinema Filters (2)
  • Kush Clariphonic


  • Roland SDE 1000
  • Roland Dimension D Mod Clone
  • Lexicon Mod MPX 500
  • Lexicon LXP-15
  • Radial Tank Driver Analog Reverb
  • TC Electronics DVR 250
  • TC Electronics TC 1210


  • AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon
  • AEA KU5A Active Ribbon
  • AKG C12 Clone
  • AKG C1000s(2)
  • AKG D12
  • AKG D112(2)
  • AKG D12VR
  • AKG D190E
  • AKG D1000E
  • AKG D200E (2)
  • AKG Perception 420(mod)
  • AKG Perception 170 (2)
  • AKG C414 XL
  • AKG C414 BULS
  • AKG C418 (3)
  • Audio Technica AT825 (stereo)
  • Austrian Audio OC16
  • Austrian Audio OD5
  • Beyerdynamic M201
  • dBx Omni Reference
  • Audix D2 (2)
  • Audix D6
  • Audix i5
  • Austin Medium Ribbon
  • ELA M 251 Clone
  • Electro Voice RE 20
  • Electro Voice RE 320
  • Electro Voice PL 10
  • Electro Voice PL 33
  • Electro Voice ND 44
  • Electro Voice ND 46
  • Electro Voice ND 68
  • Electro Voice ND 66 (2)
  • Electro Voice ND 308A
  • Electro Voice ND 408
  • Electro Voice ND 468
  • Electro Voice 664
  • Heil PR40
  • Heil Handi Mic Pro
  • Hohm HRP1
  • MP T-25
  • MP SDC84 Hi-SPL
  • MP S-87
  • Neumann MCM 114 (2)
  • Peluso 22 47se
  • RCA 74B Vintage Ribbon
  • RCA 6206 Vintage Dynamic/li>
  • Royer 121 Ribbon
  • Royer R10 HotRod
  • Royer Tube Mod (2)
  • Reslo MR-1 Ribbon
  • Røde NTK
  • Røde NT1
  • Roswell Mini K47 (2)
  • sE BL8

Microphones (cont'd)

  • Sennheiser e609
  • Sennheiser e906
  • Sennheiser MD421 mkii
  • Sennheiser MD421 N
  • Sennheiser MD421 HN Script
  • Sennheiser MD421 U
  • Sennheiser MC1
  • Sennheiser MD441
  • Sennheiser MKE 600
  • Shure 5575LE
  • Shure 535
  • Shure 545SD (4)
  • Shure 565SD
  • Shure 520DX (Green Bullet)
  • Shure Beta 52
  • Shure KSM32
  • Shure PE45
  • Shure SM7b
  • Shure SM57 Vintage
  • Shure SM57(2)
  • Shure SM57 TX Mod
  • Shure SM57 Cap Mod(2)
  • Shure SM81 (2)
  • Shure SM98 (2)
  • Soyuz 1973
  • Telefunken M82
  • Townsend Sphere L22
  • TrashTalk PP-1 (telephone mic)
  • UA SP-1 (2)
  • Neumann Vintage u87 Clone


  • Kawai Acoustic Piano with Player System
  • Korg TR Rack
  • Alesis QSR
  • Roland XV5050 w/ Vintage Keys Exp.
  • Korg T3
  • Korg Monologue
  • Korg Volca Kick
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Novation Launchkey 49
  • Behringer Model D
  • Roland Boutique 808
  • Roland Boutique SHA-01
  • Roland Boutique JU-O6
  • Roland Boutique VP-06 Vocoder
  • Arturia Beatstep
  • Native Instruments K88
  • Native Instruments A25
  • Native Instuments Maschine Studio

Guitar / Bass

  • Cordoba C5 Nylon Acoustic
  • Fender Stratocaster w/Lace Gold Pickups
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Fender Jazz Bass
  • Fender Precision Bass
  • Fender Fretless Jazz Bass
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Ibanez Artwood Maple Top Acoustic
  • Ibanez Artwood Acoustic/Electric Bass (4 str)
  • Ibanez RG Series (6 str)
  • Ibanez RG Series (7 str)
  • Ibanez S Series (7 str)
  • Ibanez RG Series w/EMG Pickups (7 str)
  • Ibanez Custom SR1200 Bass w/EMG Pickups (4 str)
  • Ibanez Custom TR Series Fretless Bass (4 str)
  • Jackson "V"
  • Palatino Electric Upright Bass
  • Hybrid Acoustic Bass
  • Vintage A Style Mandolin
  • Woody Phifer Custom Bass w/Bartolini Pickups (5 str)

Amps / Cabinets

  • Egnater Tweaker
  • Egnater 112X Celestion Vintage 30
  • Orange Dark Terror
  • Bell (Gibson) Stereo 30 Vintage Tube Amp
  • Ampeg 410h Cab
  • Fender Ultra Chorus 2x12
  • Hartke 410XL Cab
  • Marshall 4x12 1960A
  • Mesa Boogie 2x12 Cab
  • Gallien Kreuger 800RB

Drums / Percussion

  • PDP Concept Maple (5 pc)
  • Tama 14x3.5 Maple Snare
  • Ludwig Vintage Snare Drum
  • Pearl Brass Free Floating Snares
  • Gretsch Catalina Birch Snare
  • PDP 13" Aluminum Snare
  • LP Congas
  • LP Bongos
  • Natual / Metal Guiro
  • Vibraslap
  • Shakers/Tambourines
  • Sabian Cymbals

Plugins By

  • Universal Audio (UAD2)
  • AVID
  • Native Instruments
  • Sound Toys
  • Waves
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Slate Digital
  • FabFilter
  • Output
  • SynchroArts
  • iZotope
    ...and many more.


  • Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Logic Pro


  • Sansamp RBI
  • Reddi DI Clone 2 Ch
  • Hear Personal Mix System (4 remotes)
  • TC Electronics Clarity M
  • dBx Driverack Studio RTA
  • UA Quad Core UAD2


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The NEW MEI Studio South

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MEI Studio North


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